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With fasteners in more than 150 sizes, you can imagine what we have for nailers, staplers, routers, bits and shaper heads.

Type Brand Product Type Details
Woodworking/Millwork Adhesive Titebond No-run, No-drip Wood Glue No-drip applications
Flooring Adhesive Stauf 850 Contractor's Urethane Adhesive (special order only) Moisture-cured urethane
Router Bits Whiteside Machine Bits for a variety of materials
Shaper heads Freeborn Tools Shaper heads for a variety of materials
Millwork, Cabinet and Case Goods 3M Sanding discs Hookits and Stickits
Flooring Adhesive Stauf 970 Renovator (special order only) For installation of wood flooring over cutback mastic
Woodworking/Millwork Adhesive Titebond Polyurethane Glue For gluing polyurethane coated surfaces
Woodworking/Millwork Adhesive Titebond Melamine Glue For gluing melamine boards
Woodworking/Millwork Adhesive Titebond II Dark Wood Glue For dark Color Applications
Flooring Adhesive Stauf 959 Trim/Flooring Adhesive (special order only) Fast-setting urethane-based
Flooring Adhesive Stauf 930 Solva-Mastic Alcohol-based
Flooring Adhesive Stauf 800 EZ-TAC (special order only) Acrylic urethane-based
Millwork, Cabinet and Case Goods 3M Bumpons Accessory related to sanding
Millwork, Cabinet and Case Goods 3M Breathing apparatus Accessory related to sanding
Miscellaneous Primatech Aluminum 24 oz. Mallets 19" handle