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Sheet Goods

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We speak plywood, MDF, birch and even luan, if you need us to.

Species Thickness Type Grade/Type Color
Maple 3/4" MDF B-2
Maple 3/4" VC Prefinished 1 side C-3
Maple 3/4" VC Prefinished 2 side C-3
Mahogany 1/4" VC B-2
Mahogany 3/4" VC B-2
Luan 1/8" Regular
Luan 1/4" Regular
Luan 3/8" Bendable
Hickory 1/4" MDF B-2
Hickory 3/4" VC B-2
Cherry 1/4" VC B-2
Cherry 1/4" VC B-4
Cherry 1/4" MDF A-1
Cherry 1/2" VC B-2
Cherry 3/4" VC B-2